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Hirsh Pithadia

Role: PhD


Co-Founder/ Head Of Research And DevelopmentCo-Founder/ Head Of Research And Development RegulAItion

I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Algorithmic Regulation and have a keen interest in the development of blockchain related technologies, especially within financial services and law. I am currently working on the application of cryptography for Federated Machine Learning, part of my current research work is focused on the use of Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PETs) for data access and regulating data in compliance with data policies such as GDPR.

I have been involved in a number of research projects including the use of smart contracts for tokenising securities, smart contract language design and the FCA’s SmartReg and DRR projects. Some of my other research work has been focused on capturing machine readable and executable semantics of the FCA Handbook. I am a keen Haskell Programmer.